How Blogging Can Majorly Alter Your Digital Strategy

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Blogging isn’t new to the digital scene. While the practice has definitely gained popularity in recent years, people have been writing blogs as long as the internet has been around. Today, we think about blogs as information outlets for topics such as parenthood, fashion or food. However, it’s likely that your favorite business is utilizing a blog as a part of its digital strategy. Ahem … the Smith Group. Besides us, there are plenty of other small businesses that are taking advantage of blogs. Here’s why you should follow suit.

Internet of Information

When’s the last time you went to search something on Google? What did you search? If I’m guessing correctly, you probably looked up a topic you wanted to know more about:

“Where to buy used vehicles near me.” 

“How to make a poached egg.” 

People go to the Internet for information, so why not make that information readily available on your website. Make your website a one-stop shop for products, tips, and advice pertaining to your field of expertise. 

Earn Credibility with Your Audience with a Blog

This is simple. Writing about topics related to your field will show your customers that you know your industry well. Your customer will acknowledge your expertise by reading your blog for tips and tricks. Besides credibility, a blog will give your business personality. Who doesn’t want that?! 

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO (as abbreviated) is a ranking system that positions your website higher in Google’s search engine. Having a blog can greatly increase this for a variety of reasons. Having more content, outbound links and recent content can rank your site higher in Google. The titles of your posts will also position your site in the search engine. Say someone searches, “How to set a dining room table for a special occasion.” Your furniture store’s blog has recently written about this and ranks high in the Google search for this content. Now this customer has gone to your site for information and is now browsing your products. 

There’s a customer you may have never found otherwise!

Social Media Content

Having a blog is an easy way to keep your social media content fresh. It’s hard to stay consistent on social media and post relevant and helpful content for your audience. However, having a consistent blog can help tremendously. Your audience will be eager to see you promote this week’s blog post on your business’ Facebook page! 
Have questions? Have no clue how to start a blog? We’re here to help! Contact us here. 

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