Three Reasons Your Audience Isn’t Seeing Your Content

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In social media, we hear this question often. A small business is promoting their business like wildfire on social. They’re posting organically once or twice per day, but they’re not seeing results from these habits. There are a couple of reasons this might be happening. Maybe, they’re not posting the right content for their audience. Maybe they’re not posting at the right times. In this market, diagnosing a cause and solution to digital problems can be difficult, but there are plenty of steps we can take to ensure all avenues are being addressed.

You’re too focused on quantity not quality

When you Google “How Often Should I Post,” you’re likely to get tons of different insights about the best number of daily posts. However, many experts recommend 1-2 posts per day on Instagram or Facebook. What these experts fail to explain is that you should only be posting this often if you have time to curate this type of content. If you have to scramble something together to post, you probably shouldn’t be posting it. Quality trumps quantity every time.

You can also look at the analytics of your Facebook or Instagram page to figure out the best time to post. On Facebook, look at Insights > Posts and toggle the chart to find out when your fans are online. If you have upgraded to an Instagram business profile, you can do the same thing here. On Instagram, click insights in the top right-hand corner, scroll down to followers and click “see more.” At the bottom of that page, you’ll be able to tell what days and hours during the week your followers are most active.

You’re targeting the wrong audience

Just because you want your demographic to be a certain audience, doesn’t mean it is. In the furniture store business, for instance, the key demographic is women ages 35-65+ because these are the people making the purchasing decisions in the household. If you’re target demographic is predominantly women in this age bracket, you should be curating content that is targeted to this group.

You’re pushing sales

Ah, the 80/20 rule. Think about a brand/product you follow. Why do you like the content they share? I doubt it’s because they’re only posting product features and super “sales-y” content. The content you’re putting on social should be only 20% of your business/product. The remaining 80% should consist of educational or useful information to your audience. If you’re a furniture store, maybe this consists of decorating tips or trends in furniture. The people that follow you are interested in the same things you probably are, so post accordingly.

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